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     American Printer And Computer Service, Inc. has been serving the greater Portland Metro and Seattle Metro areas of Oregon and Washington State for the past 30+ years. We employ both factory trained and certified Technicians as well as tech-savvy individuals who have become a valued part of our team. We believe in providing a valuable and necessary part of Information Technology support for small businesses as well as big corporations, state offices, and federal agencies who may have the infrastructure for repairing their own equipment, but perhaps lack the time needed to do so effectively. Our Technicians live and work in the areas that they service, and have a true understanding about how important properly running equipment can be to local businesses.

     Our goal is to provide excellent Customer Support when responding to Service Requests from our clients. We believe that our customers should be given all the information needed when making decisions about repairing or replacing expensive technology equipment. We aim to research issues thoroughly and provide the businesses we service with options that will suit their particular needs instead of trying to fit everyone into a “one-size-fits-all”, single option. Whether you have a 10 year old inkjet printer or aging computer that you just can’t bear to part ways with yet, or you have the latest and greatest, room-sized copier or brand new, blazing fast desktop, we believe that you deserve the best service and support that we can offer.

     American Printer And Computer Service, Inc. strives to provide our customers with fast, reliable, and professional printer repair and IT support. Our goal is not just to fix our clients’ equipment, but to also become an ongoing and reliable solution to their printer related problems and computer hardware needs. Our customer base ranges from the individual small, local business that relies on us to keep their only office printer operating at peak performance, to larger corporations who rely on us to maintain an ever growing fleet of printers and computers. No matter what your particular need is, APACS, Inc. is here to help keep your business running smoothly.

     American Printer And Computer Service, Inc. was started as a printer repair company over 30 years ago, but since then, we’ve expanded into providing computer repair and maintenance as well. We operate up and down the I-5 corridor between Portland and Seattle (occasionally as far south as Roseburg and as far north as Bellingham), and can usually have a Technician onsite to you within 24 hours, if not same day. Our Technicians are reliable, knowledgeable, and courteous, and we stand behind our work with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. All our parts are warrantied against defect for the warranty period and we remain, above all, a service oriented business. Our goal is to ensure that all your office equipment is at their best so your business can be at its best, helping provide jobs and income to our local economies. We’re a small business with big solutions and we’re always ready to help keep your business running efficiently and smoothly!

     As of June 2021, all APACS, Inc. have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Our Technicians continue to observe all local, state, and federal mask guidelines, as well as individual businesses’ wishes.