At American Printer And Computer Service we believe in providing fast and reliable printer repair and computer repair for both small and large businesses in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. We provide a wide range of services to our customers and we strive for our field technicians to be the very best in professionalism, efficiency, and courtesy. Whether our technicians are repairing a small inkjet printer for a home office or working on a large-scale fleet of printers for a larger office, we provide the same level of excellent customer service that we’ve been providing for the past 30+ years in the IT Support industry.


At our main facility in Gladstone, Oregon we offer our full suite of services to our clients. Here we can offer both onsite (we come to you) and in-house (you bring your equipment to us) repairs. Our offerings at this location include a full spectrum of printer repairs, including laser printers and copiers; line and impact printers; inkjet printers; plotters; and thermal printers. We can also provide your business with new and refurbished units to suit your current printer needs.

Out of our main Oregon location we both stock and ship a large variety of compatible ink, toner, and other consumables for printers. While we can’t stock every make and model of ink and toner, we are able to source high-quality compatibles for most units and can ship them anywhere in the United States. Save potentially thousands of dollars every year purchasing your printer consumables from American Printer And Computer Service, Inc.!

Has your computer been running slow? Have you been nervously waiting for the day when that odd whirring noise turns into a full-blown meltdown and all your precious pictures and files are left trapped inside of what amounts to a paperweight? We can give your computer just the right amount of tender loving care, helping to head off those catastrophic failures before it is too late! Bring us your desktop, laptop, or all-in-one computer and let us help keep it running smoothly!


Our satellite facility in Edmonds, Washington serves as our base of operations for our printer repair services in the greater Seattle Metro area. We are currently only able to offer onsite printer repair in Washington. We do not currently offer computer repair services in Washington.

We offer all our clients throughout Washington the same access to our compatible ink, toner, and other printer consumables that our customers in Oregon enjoy. Stock up on ink, toner, and other printer consumables and get our products delivered straight to your door or shipped directly to you, saving your company’s valuable resources while we handle making sure your printers don’t run out of toner! Call or email us today and we can provide you with a competitive quote to supply all your ink and toner needs!